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Updated: May 20

Dear friends, today I will tell you about the karmic structure of your moon sign. Generally, many of you have learned that our moon signs indicate our emotional nature. However, you have not been told much about where this emotional structure comes from and what this emotional reaction means...

Eckhart Tolle defines emotion as follows: “Emotions are our body's reactions to our thoughts. “

This means that the intellectual structure instinctively rises to the realm of existence and quickly turns into action.

This is about the zodiac sign Cancer, which is the same ruler of coming out with motivation. In other words, it is about the spiritual structure that comes through parents and parents…

Therefore, it would be a sterile statement to say that the places where you see the moon on the natal chart only show our emotional structure.

In fact, the places where you see the moon on the natal chart will indicate the areas where you produce energy by being guided...

This is an important place where you see the moon, it will show the emotional energy that you generate and can quickly turn into action.

The sign in which the moon is located in your birth chart will indicate the type of emotion that will cause you to have that emotional reaction. When you ask what is the type, quantity and quality of our emotional energy, you look at which sign and house your moon is in...

For example, if your moon is in Virgo, you will be in the act of rationalizing your emotions, such as logical issues that trigger your emotions.

In a second example, if we give an example from the Moon in Aries, depending on which house the Moon is in in Aries, the moment it gets emotional based on the subjects of that house, it wants something to happen quickly, so to speak, it doesn't stop...

Of course, these forms of motivation also have karmic dimensions... Now I will tell you about the karmic indicators according to the zodiac sign and houses where your moon is located. The karma I will talk about here is not karma in the sense of reincarnation. These are the inheritances you inherited from your ancestors through the rights system... These inheritances are passed on to the next generations as characteristic features that need to be corrected through soul transfer. The karmic load here shows the correct energies that need to be released from you. Since the Moon will be an energy that needs to be motivated, you do not need to exert your willpower for this. However, you may need to study and gain awareness about its angles. For this, you need to get a birth chart analysis.

Now we come to the karmic effects of the moon in your birth chart:



Some of the inheritances of those with the Moon in Aries from their ancestors come from their parental karma of not being able to take action as a result of cowardice and lack of courage.

Those with the Moon in Taurus are concerned with material values. The ancestors of these people are generally related to parents who did not appreciate material values such as money and property.

The ancestral karma of those with Gemini Moon indicates the karma of parents who cannot express themselves and are subject to slander. These people can speak very well with their guided energy and give optimistic and positive speeches.

Those whose moon sign is Cancer may be an indication of the karma of parents who were raised irresponsibly and without love. Since the moon will be in balance in its own sign, its angles will be important. square opposition and 150's should be placed on the table.

Those whose moon sign is Leo may have a hidden father karma. These people will never hesitate to show themselves and show their emotions. The desire to express oneself may reflect karmic effects such as being in the spotlight and egoic strengthening.

Virgo moon sign people can often come with mother karma who is dissatisfied and constantly looking for something missing. Desire for everything to be perfect Focus on detail, pursuit of perfection and a tendency to provide practical service may also be evident

However, this may cause gratitude to the person.

Those with a Libra Moon come with the karma of a wounded-hearted mother. The search for balance and harmony in relationships can be clearly observed...

People with a Scorpio moon sign may generally come with negative love effects, bad marriage, jealousy, envy, and excessive love, etc., as well as maternal karma. They are curious about hidden information and secrets. These people have psychological effects that can manipulate people's subconscious in their lives.

The subject of those whose moon sign is Sagittarius is generally related to freedom and the search for wisdom. Restricted, captive lineage mixing is likely. These people will need endless freedom to travel and feel free in political and religious areas. They will never come to be restricted.

The karma of those whose Moon sign is Capricorn is usually indicative of family karma related to unemployment and laziness. These people will be constantly motivated to work. Being idle and not dealing with anything is an unacceptable situation for these people.

The karmic burden of those whose moon sign is Aquarius is social judgments, ideas contrary to society, and, so to speak, unprecedented actions. Generally, what triggers this instinct is reputational concerns about not being accepted in the social arena. Interest in social issues will be motivated towards innovative ideas, revolutions and the search for acceptance of one's ideas on social issues. This search will increase in friendship relationships.

The karma of those with a Pisces moon sign can often be a family whose limits of sacrifice have been exceeded and who have sacrificed themselves and whose egoic boundaries have become blurred. These people come with abandonment and sadness... This situation gives them increased intuition and a motivated ability in artistic creativity and inspirational areas in the life they live...

The lunar positions mentioned above will differ in each natal chart depending on the houses they are in and the angles they take. However, his general mentality is like this.


In astrology, which sign the Moon is in represents a person's emotional nature, inner world and emotional reactions. While the sign in which the Moon is located shapes a person's emotional needs, reactions and emotional experiences, Moon sign karma can reflect the effects of past lives. Those who look at the event as reincarnative can be summarized as follows.

Here is an overview of how the Moon's zodiac sign can indicate karmic effects:


1. Aries (Aries) Moon Sign Karma: Along with karmic effects from past lives, the needs for courage, leadership and independence may come to the fore. A need for freedom and a tendency to compete with others may also be present.

2. Taurus (Taurus) Moon Sign Mix: In past lives, there may have been a focus on material security, ownership and sensual pleasures. Attachment to material values, seeking security, and the need to connect with the land may also be evident.

3. Gemini Moon Sign Mix: Interest in communication, learning and knowledge may have played a big role in past lives. The search for different experiences, versatility and mental stimulation may be at the forefront.

4. Cancer Moon Sign Mix: Family, home and emotional ties may have been important in past lives. The need to protect, nurture, and emotional security is strong. Karmically, relationships with family and experiences in an emotional context can play a big role.

5. Leo (Leo) Moon Sign Mix: In past lives, creativity, leadership and the need to attract attention may have come to the fore. The desire for self-expression, being in the spotlight, and egoic strengthening may reflect karmic effects.

6. Virgo (Virgo) Moon Sign Mix: Service, order and analytical skills may have been important in past lives. A focus on detail, a pursuit of perfection, and a tendency to provide practical service may also be evident.

7. Libra Moon Sign Mix: Relationships in past lives and the search for balance and harmony may be important. Karmic effects regarding justice, diplomatic skills and partnerships may be observed.

8. Scorpio Moon Sign Mix: Deep transformation, mystery and power may have been important in past lives. Revealing hidden information, strong connections and spiritual quests may also be among the karmic effects.

9. Sagittarius Moon Sign Mix: Expansion, discovery and spiritual quests may have come to the fore in past lives. Freedom, the search for wisdom, and philosophical beliefs may reflect karmic influences.

10. Capricorn Moon Sign Mix: Goals, success and social status may be important in past lives. Responsibility, discipline and a career-oriented approach may also be among the karmic effects.

11. Aquarius Moon Sign Mix: Social awareness, progressive ideas and independence may have been important in past lives. Connecting with groups, innovation, and interest in diversity may reflect karmic influences.

12. Pisces (Pisces) Moon Sign Mix: Spiritual experiences, empathy and intuition may have been important in past lives. Artistic creativity, sacrifice and blurring of boundaries may also be among the karmic effects.

This is a summary of the general karmic effects that can be associated with the presence of the Moon in different zodiac signs, and each individual's karmic history and experiences may be different. It may be beneficial to get a natal chart consultancy to get more detailed and personalized information about the moon sign karma.

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