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Birth chart interpretation | Third Eye live

Birth chart interpretation | Third Eye live

Dear listeners, astrologer educator Mr. Arif Aydın, our guest in the studio, welcome Mr. Aydın, welcome. Hello, first of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity and for doing a good job on the subject of astrology with your valuable voice and for bringing up some confusions on this subject and at the same time. In order to solve e.

I am here with you and thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Thank you, we thank you. Well, if you like, we have some excitement, I can sense that. As I just said before starting the program, I have been at the microphone for years, but still.

Now it's like it's starting, I have that inner excitement, my heartbeat is incredible, I perceive it from you, let's do something , let's talk about ourselves a little bit before and then let's continue the broadcast course. Here you go please. I am Astrologist Arif Aydın. I have been very interested in personal development and psychology since my childhood. I am a person who has learned a lot about these subjects, and over time, I did e-banking and received serious sales and psychology training during the time I was working on banking and finance-related issues, private pension.

Later, there was a transition period in my life. When there are transition periods, people turn to such things, and while doing a lot of research for myself, I found the right address in astrology and I thought that it was very beneficial to human life, and in this way.

channeled myself into this field in order to benefit people as much as I benefited myself, and with my previous knowledge, be it psychology knowledge or personal development. By combining my knowledge in this field with astrology, I have progressed to a very useful point and I have been busy with this work for about five years. Of course, there is a precedent for this and I am an official astrologer. Let me say this here, yes, because when we say an official astrologer, let's go beyond that. Because now it has increased so much that we look at it on social media or, I don't know, you go to the city center, you see an astrologer, can anyone become an astrologer? TO.

Before moving on to this, let's continue like this if you want, let's talk about what astrology is, and what is its historian, and then let's continue. Dear intellectual, let me put it this way: Astrology is one. We generally study sky science.

We know this regarding space. We translate it as astronomy in Turkish. However, while astronomy is man's effort to understand space, astrology is man's effort to look at space and understand man. And there is a synchronicity between the movements of the stars and planets in the sky and the people, plants and all living things on earth. For example, think of a plant facing the sun.

While its vitality increases, you see that its vitality disappears as you move away from the sun. Doctors always recommend going out in the sun. You'll see people saying take vitamin D. When you put plants in the sun, a plant photosynthesizes there. Photo light means digestion. In other words, it tells us that it digests light. In fact, we do not understand the word synthesis in English , but it is the light of a living thing.

We see that he has incorporated it. On the other hand, we can observe the movements of the moon just like the sun. Tides increase with the movements of the Moon.

You can observe these in the movements of the sea during some full moons. You can observe that people are more angry and angry during Marsian full moons. Therefore, while we can physically observe the movements of the moon and the sun, we cannot observe the movements of Mars. of venus It is not possible to say that Saturn has any effect on human life. While one side can be measured by today's science, the other side cannot be measured yet, so the science class does not perceive it. There are also many sciences that are actually disconnected from astrology. For example, psychology is a science separated from astrology.

They do not classify astrology as a science because it does not meet Decarte's definition of science, but actually it is.

Currently, there are many things that do not fall into Descarte's definition of science, but they do, and we even use them on our phones . For example, there is such a thing as phrenology. Phrenology is knowledge related to human face recognition. This is actually science. What is happening right now is not within the definition of science, but the phones we use now know what we are thinking through our pupils. So, you look at your phone and what you think about appears as an ad on your phone. So how does he know this? How could this not be included in science, but it was presented to us on phones? The things that are currently presented to us as science are actually science.

Here are the things they offer us with at least ten years of difference, here is what they taught us in secondary school. While talking about this, especially solid, liquid and gas were mentioned.

However, in addition to the solid, liquid and gas state of matter, an energy state has also emerged.

Like this.

Many issues have now progressed to quantum physics, and in quantum physics, our thought world is not actually an empty thing, thought is an energy, and even the energy of thought moves above the speed of light.

There are many scientists doing research.

Birth chart interpretation | Third Eye Program

If we go back to this first astrology and the subject of ancient astrology, here's where it got its first name. Can you talk a little bit about this?

To our listeners, yes, the history of astrology is actually very important. There are several variations regarding the history of astrology. So, when you first look at the history of astrology, what you will learn from classical sources or astrology trainings is this: Astrology is ancient knowledge. Idris is information that came to the prophet. There is a classical information that it was conveyed to people through the prophet Idris . They also consider Idris as Hermes . It is claimed that Hermes and Idris are the same person. However, when we look at its history, there is no single Hermes . We see three different Hermes . He lived in different dates and from the research I have done here.

Hermes is actually referred to as the prophet Idris , also in Torah sources. There are cases in which it is described that he came into the form of revelation, which he channeled from an angel named " Barakiael ". And more importantly, there is a verse in the Quran that says:

The communities before you were superior to you in strength and power. When you look at it like this: Travel around the world and see how they are doing, Göbeklitepe stands out, especially today, and Göbeklitepe is actually a birth map. In fact, Göbeklitepe is a zodiac . You know, it is a group of statues depicting our zodiac belt, and I am the first person in Turkey to say " Göbeklitepe is a zodiac ". This is also on my YouTube channel.

It also has history, and at the same time, while I was giving some information about Göbeklitepe , I shared it on archeology sites, and they even kicked me out of those archaeological sites. Just because you say this doesn't fit into science. But right now they are in the Orion constellation in Göbeklitepe .

some zodiac signs and constellations are depicted and sculptures are drawn in the work where it is depicted, and when you take back the movements of the sky with a concept called ancient archaeology, you see that it was actually made in parallel with those constellations. Hence also.

Astrology is basically a knowledge that is not of this world. Yes, thank you. As a reminder to our loving listeners and those who have just turned on their radios, our studio guest today is astrologer educator Mr. Arif Aydın. Dear listeners, yes, what does astrology look at and what does it examine? Actually, you have explained a little bit about what astrology looks at and what it examines, but if you want, let's go into more detail. Of course, now in astrology, there is a connection between celestial movements and living things. There is a synchronicity.

There are two opinions about this. One of these views is that sky movements affect our lives. Another view is with sky movements.

synchronicity between human lives . In other words, there is an explanation that the movements of the stars and planets in the sky are not the cause of what we experience, but a kind of narrator, and this is a more accurate expression. So, just as we plant something in the field, there are plants to be planted in the summer period, there are plants to be planted in the winter period, there are also seasons in our lives, marriage season, child season, career-related areas and their time periods. And these astrological cycles, where time is not a line, time moves in a cycle.

We look at these periods astrologically, and astrologically the person's.

Everyone and every living thing has a birth chart, and when they first come into the world, when they enter that realm of existence, they are born at the moment of a movement in the sky.

residual angelic forces in the sky. You can call it physical or metaphysical energies. We are born with certain characteristics, and our characteristic features emerge at the time and date we arrive and with our geographical location in the world. Our impulse mechanisms emerge. Our unconscious and subconscious characteristics emerge. For example, psychology says that the more perfect a child's life until the age of six is.

Generally speaking, the better the life of that child goes, but if a child is a Scorpio, no matter how perfect his family is, that child will definitely have jealousy as a character. This is not only about the family, but also about the information he inherited from his ancestors. Yes, that is true. So how many parts is astrology divided into? Dear intellectual.

Astrology Actually, there is a basic astrology, but there are various ways to understand astrology.

Understandings have developed, various authorities have developed. There is Vedic astrology, there is Uranian astrology. Modern astrology, what we call classical astrological karmic astrology, is a bit more spiritual. Apart from this, country astrology, financial astrology, geographical astrology, astrology There are many different types of astrology, such as cartography , for example, whichever part of the world you live in, you will be luckier, but basically there is one main astrology. We can say that the rest are specializations within this.

Birth chart interpretation | Third Eye Program

Yes, as you just said, a parent takes very good care of his child until the age of six, but zodiac signs also have an effect. Now, in this sense, what is the closeness of horoscopes and astrology? Mr Aydin.

This is actually a very good question. Now, first of all, what are zodiac signs? You know, when we say zodiac sign, we understand that I am a Leo and you are an Aries. In fact, a horoscope is a parceled version of the stars in the sky. So, when we look at the sky, there is a cluster of stars in the sky, and we cluster this cluster of stars in the form of Leo and Aries . Right now we consider this as the zodiac belt, but actually they also consider it as a constellation and this time it's the parcels of sky there.

They look at it as a constellation because their environment changes. This science of astronomy looks at these as constellations and there are thirteen zodiac signs. They call it Ophiuchus sign or something. Actually, we are here because we are doing ancient knowledge, because we are doing ancient knowledge.

We don't look at the constellation shape from which science comes. It's just ancient knowledge in the sky. We look at star clusters in the astrological sense as zodiac signs. So, when a person says he is a Leo, he does not actually mean that he is a Leo. That person states that he was born when the sun was passing through the zodiac sign of Leo, and when he ascended to the realm of existence, he was born when the sun was in the zodiac sign of Leo, due to his position in the world. But this is a very serious matter . Since Magazinel has come to the point, what is your zodiac sign? My zodiac sign is Aries and Virgo. Therefore, a tabloid perception emerges as if it only consists of the person's sun sign.

Yes, I will ask what the natal chart is, dear intellectual, but first, what kind of questions do people come to you with? What is the density? In sense.

Third Eye: Astrolology Secrets and Mysteries

Astrology actually provides a phenomenon that enables a person to know himself and understand his own potential. There is one saying. It also appears in the movie Matrix .

dividend Nosch means know yourself. The equivalent of this in our Islamic Sufism is "men arefe nefse hu fegat eve rabbehu ". He who knows himself knows his Lord, that is, he who knows himself knows his teacher, and the one who educates him knows his teacher . It is a saying that means "he who knows, he knows". When a person knows his own potential and knows why he came to life and where he should go, he begins to take the right steps. At work Mark Twein has a saying: There are two important days in life. One is the day I was born and the second is the day I realized why I was born. At work Understanding why you were born depends on your birth chart. When you see this birth chart, you figure out why you were born and where you need to go.

Let's answer what kind of questions these people come to you with. A question from our listeners This is more like, what is the weight? Yes now our lives usually have cycles. For example, there is the Saturn cycle. Usually, around the age of thirty-three, things start to go downhill in our lives. Because there is a credit given to us by the Creator when we first came into the world. We generally use this loan between the ages of twenty-eight and thirty -three . After that, the reason why I took up Saturn is because the effects of Saturn are very clear and very clear and harsh, we observe this directly in our lives and we see that it suddenly turns upside down. Because what life gives us.

The loan is over and now life tells us that it is time to pay back. We understand why we have come, why life is stuck with us, and the natal chart there. We call this evolution because the main purpose of our existence in life is evolution, that is, to develop, and when we develop, it actually develops in the universe. If you need to plant a plant, if you need to plant a tree, why do you need to plant this? Why do you need to sew? As a student, you learn that what you do in your own life and what kind of energies are released from you will allow you to have the wind of life behind you. So you learn how to get it. Therefore e.

If you help this life, it helps you in life. If you become stubborn with this life, there is a saying that says life is like a river. Well, once you enter the river, you cannot enter it again. Some of us are rowing backwards in this river of life and cannot get rid of the truths in our minds. Because there are some truths that the universe channels to us, when we channel them towards those universal truths and the area that the universe wants from us , we will be able to see that many of our problems are solved very easily. We will be able to observe . They contact you even when the solution is not resolved or when we are having trouble . So people are just like that? Yes , yes , thank you, now Mr. Aydin, I said at the beginning of our program what we should pay attention to in order to benefit from e-astrologers, and as I said, there are really so many.

people , we know them, but in a sense, people also experience dilemmas. How reliable and knowledgeable he is .

Now, first of all, they should check whether the person they are visiting is an official astrologer or not. Because an official astrologer is already subject to tax and the person who is subject to tax has a sense of responsibility. Or, you know?

Here , the training a person receives can be explained as "I received education here", "I received education here", and everyone can create their own curriculum. There's nothing wrong with this. There is no point that can be taken with a single curriculum like the Law on Tevhid -i Tedrisat. People want to learn astrology, especially since astrology has come to the fore very seriously lately. The most important thing they should pay attention to when studying astrology is that you should not look at how much premium you get on YouTube, here or there, or on Instagram . First, get a birth chart analysis from a person. Because the more the person training you can enlighten your life in your birth chart, the more and more productive training he will be able to give you.

In this context too. Astrology is also a field open to abuse. Because a person says he is an astrologer, turns out to be a magician, turns out to be an astrologer, turns out to be a psychic, turns out to be an astrologer, and then he deals with metaphysical work. In other words, astrology is a business based on a mathematical cycle and requires knowledge. Of course, other people may have some processes that they do in their own way, our topic is not about them, but astrology is a system. Astrology is a system that sheds light on human life and is based on certain information, and the person who can definitely give an astrology e-session has a minimum of three or four years in this field.

He must have knowledge. This information is not just about astrology. In order for a person to be enlightened, he must have knowledge about sociology, psychology , personal development and many other fields. Yes, I want to renew it once again. I said, from whom and where should astrology education be received? Yes, it has really increased, people are experiencing a dilemma in this sense. There may be people who experience difficulties. Are there people who actually experience serious negativity? We just said that there is astrology, fortune telling is tarot . There are also people who experience serious difficulties in this sense. Yes, now we actually want to separate tarot from astrology. Because there are also astrology associations. There are even associations that take initiatives in this regard.

In tarot , a person says certain things by opening a card and saying the things that come to his mind at that moment. Tarot actually has a situation like this: in the past, tarot was this torah, and this was the Torah. You know, when these Torah tablets come down, they are actually unconscious symbols. Where is the Prophet? Believe Moses, tarot actually goes all the way to that channel . However, those unconscious symbols there have degenerated and disappeared over time. And these have changed over time, different marsi and tarots have come into play and now, for example, what happens when someone looks at tarot ? Why come back after fifteen days? Because every time he opens it, some random things will come and he will usually say some random things. That's why we don't favor tarot in any way.

I do not recommend going to tarot or tarot experts , including my students . Because human life is not random. This is not something that can be done with the advice given by drawing a random card.

Because the subconscious is already, let me put it this way, there is a Song, there is a folk song. You know, "I planted crops in the deserts, I didn't let them be plucked, I loved them with fifteen of them, I didn't make them love them", what does it say there? I planted crops in the deserts in Turkey, the desert there is not just a desert for us. It means I attempted something impossible. That desert has a reflection in our subconscious. Likewise, a rainbow has a reflection of relief in our subconscious. However, the people here who claim to do tarot with that subconscious claim that it is a subconscious reading. But they do not have any information about the unconscious, nor do they have anything to do with the subconscious sub-symbols. For example, there are some things there. The sword and shield were this and that.

Nowadays, people see space shuttles and stewards in their dreams. I mean, no one sees swords or shields. Hence the collective mind. It is developing, since there is no longer a sword or shield, people's subconscious and the universe's subconscious have also developed. So, if you think that such random channels will shed light on your life, you are wrong. I say don't hurt yourself. So there is no such thing as tarot . Don't believe it, there is such a thing as tarot , but it is tarot .

As I said, there is nothing to believe. So, when there is astrology , you do not need to go to tarot or get channeled . Exactly.

Well Mr. Arif Aydın, does astrology have anything to do with religion?

Astrology has a lot to do with religion. There are many verses about astrology in the Quran. There are surahs related to astrology in the Quran. There is even a Surah Burçlar named after Buruç . Here is the Surah Necmi Yıldız

Hz. Ibrahim first looks at the star and slips away. The star there passes in the shape of a kevkep . In fact, it means a prediction. Likewise, you know the Surah Yasin. We read a lot, we read on Fridays. There is a verse there that says " velgamere gadder nahu menezile even adekel urcunil kadiym says, "The translation of the verse is actually almost like Turkish." Vel Gamera means "lunar month." Kadder nahu means "his destiny", " menezil " means range "even adekel urcunil kaydim ", that is, it shows us that the ranges of the moon there move in an ancient range. And there are a lot of people who lived in the past related to the ranges of that moon.

There is an astrologer. for example biruni is one of them. There are Arabic points discovered by Biruni in astrological charts . There are Arab points. After that, there are the things of the moon's ranges. In fact, the state of the moon is so important that, for example, even in agriculture, if plants are not planted during full moons , it has such effects so that their roots do not rot. Again, there are many verses that I can read to you right now, the moon, the sun, and even one of the verses says: There is a verse that means that the stars guide people. This verse does not only mean physical guidance in an astronomical sense. Well, thank you.

Our Third Eye program continues. Dear listeners, after a nice musical break, our studio guest today is Astrologer educator Mr. Arif Aydın. For those of us who are listening carefully, let's continue where we left off, shall we? Yes, we took a breather. How many houses are there in total in astrology? What can you say about them? The celestial moon now has twelve houses in astrology and has different house systems. In astrology, we generally use a system we call placedus . " Regyo There is a system called " montanus ". There is a "full sign" house system ( whole sign). sign ). They have developed various home systems. The feature of twelve is an ancient knowledge. We actually divide our lives into twelve parts . Jesus has twelve disciples. That twelve has something like that, and there are generally twelve house systems in astrology.

A question arises from time to time that there are not only twelve zodiac signs in the sky, but there are many zodiac signs. In fact, there are twelve zodiac signs in the sky that are the subject of our astrology. There are eighty-eight constellations in the sky, but the part that interests us in astrology is the Cancer- Capricorn axis, and the part that concerns us with astrology, human life and world life is the twelve zodiac signs .

Question: Well, there is also indirect herbal treatment in this astrology. What do you have to say about these alternative medicine methods ? Our experts are now in astrology.

There is a situation called medical astrology. As an astrologer, I strongly advise you to go to the doctor when you are sick or unwell, and I advise you not to take medical advice from anyone in astrology. Because medicine is very advanced. Especially this medical-related part of astrology is based on Ibn Sina. Ibn Sina is also a good astrologer and, as you know, he is the father of medicine. Here are his findings. Likewise, in astrology, there are parts of the body that are expressed by zodiac signs: Aries refers to the head, Taurus refers to the throat, Pisces refers to the feet, and Gemini refers to the lungs.

some of the discomforts they are born with or their potential for discomfort. However, when something related to treatment is involved, it is necessary to see a doctor. That's why plants also have similar things. For example, there is the star Medusa , which represents algol . Algol is also alcohol and has expansions like this. These are also related to the chemical parts of astrology that we call alchemist . However, I would like to suggest to all listeners that those with such physical ailments should go to a doctor, not an astrologer or this field. Thank you. How nice.

Yes, in astrology, there is a feeling called horoscope, which is based on the calculation of the stars. What will you say to our fans in this sense? What is this? You know, in the past, " horoscopes " were used, horoscopes were used, and there is a phenomenon called numerology . The underlying reason for these is the technological structure of that period. Positions of stars and.

There are serious problems with calculating the positions of the planets. Various mechanical devices were used in those times, called superlabs , but now that we live in an era with computers and we have received the information from NASA , that is, we can calculate the locations of the planets more or less with perfect calculations, for example, calculating the birth chart of a person is a very long task, but the one we click on now is Yes, we can open it directly from time to time, so old information, horoscope information is now completely outdated. While there are many astrology programs that work with celestial synchrony, the star name has become outdated. With current technology, a natal chart can be drawn very easily, and therefore, since the characteristics and many features of the zodiac signs have changed in those places called horoscopes , E.

Right now.

I do not recommend that they go there and worry about those areas anymore. There is no need, because yes, what you just said is old news, but I want to expand on this subject a little more. Water, air, fire and earth represent the factors used in astrology. Yes, what can we say about this? If we open up a little more, we will listen. Now, although water, air, fire and earth are generally described as a structure that is taken for granted in the movie where Cem Yılmaz also makes fun of wood, it is not like that in reality. Because fire is earth, air is water and this is energy.

Energies are always present in our lives, and these fire, earth, air and water determine a person's temperament. Look, temperament is a very important thing. For example, you say to a person that you are a warm person, why are you a warm person? Because his fire element might be too much, right? Or you say to one of them that you are so active, why might he also have that fire element? Here you say to another one that you are so emotional? Why is the water element high? Because it's the same way.

You say to someone, "You are a very intelligent man, why is it that a person with a high air element has a high air element?" When we are born, our fire, earth, air and water ratios change under the influence of those zodiac signs, and some of us say, for example, if the emotional energy and water element are zero, the emotional structure of a person is zero, and we have a completely materialized perception. has.

We can increase the emotional energy of this person by using various astrological bracelets or by recommending materials that they should have in their environment. Or, as an example, your fire energy is very low. You can't get up from where you are, you need energy. What should you do when you need this energy, what should you keep around, which bracelets should you wear? Because, as you know, there are these stones, there are some energies that natural stones carry. When these are made specifically for a person's birth chart in astrological time periods, they can make a difference in a person's energy by around twenty to thirty percent.

Yeah okay.

Actually, I had a little conversation behind the microphone at the beginning of the program, or rather before it went on the air, about this subject. Dear Mr. Aydın, there is an election, people are going to get married.

He will enter university. We are experiencing such a problem. We are all alive. Is it possible to see this coming with e-astrology? Yes, now is this an assumption?

Let me tell! First of all, the reason why a person goes to astrology or an astrologer is to learn the natal chart. He needs to see his own potential rather than his future. In other words, why was the person born, what area should he go to, what should he do? So, more with the natal chart, of course, the natal chart there, for example, one of my clients said to me, " Will I be able to become a civil servant? Whether you are a civil servant or not is related to whether you prepare the KPS. What I see in your birth chart is your potential to become a civil servant. For example, when a person thinks about becoming a civil servant instead of being a TV series actor, he disregards his own potential. Therefore, this is the situation in the person.

First, look at your own map. First, it is checked whether its potentials allow it. Then, for example, let's say that not everyone who comes into this world needs to get married, some need to live single, some need to get married, and these are those potentials. Some come with a karmic burden. You look at a person's chart, he is still single, but when he gets married, he is definitely going to get divorced. For example, you can see these. The reason for this is that in astrology, we take a moment when we are born and we can observe the map of a future moment and predict what the person may encounter in the future.

Excuse me. Please.

Any predictions we make about its future state are an interpretation and a prediction, not a prophecy. You know, can some people be soothsayers who claim to be soothsayers in order to present themselves as superhuman or as if they have special abilities ? Maybe? Edgar Cayce But there are soothsayers in the world.

Astrology shows in which periods a person can realize his potential, in which periods he can easily realize it, and in which periods he cannot. Therefore, future prediction is basically a by-product of astrology. You know, how do you take a medicine, a heart medicine, a heart medicine?

As a side effect, it's good for something else. In fact, prediction is such a side effect in astrology, and therefore predictions emerge in this way. So, we will look at the birth chart first. Afterwards, whatever we want to do or learn develops accordingly. Yes that's right. There is also a situation that is overlooked: there is a perception that everything we experience is destiny. It's not like that, it's not like that. In astrology, there are planets that indicate that a person has a will of his own. There is also a type of will that does not depend on itself. When a person sees his own potential in the types of will that depend on him, he can change his reactions there and change the flow of his own life. However, when there are situations that do not depend on one's will.

Relatedly , sometimes that situation happens inevitably. Here, when you know your own potentials, you can make changes in the flow of that map, especially there were periods when you had exams. So these are life tests right there.

You can change some flow.

Yes , yes , now, based on your previous conversation, I would like to ask, what is the application for those who do not know their date of birth? Or, twins are born at the same time, but you see that their characters are very different. Different. Now let's consider both separately. If a person does not know his date of birth, a study called rectification study is carried out. We send a form to the person. In the form, we ask about important points in the person's life, such as the date of marriage, whether there are children, whether there is a trip abroad, the dates of the parents, if there are siblings, and if there are siblings, we have a long list of them. We begin to take back the person's life from these important events, and we can now find the date and time of the person's birth with the most advanced methods.

There was another question about the birth charts of people born with twins. Why do these people experience different destinies even though they were born in the same place at the same time?

Yes please, this is a frequently asked question. Sir, there are two people, they are twins, they were both born on the same date. He was born at the same point, you know, before asking and answering this, I want to go into one more topic, the concept of the rising sign. Rising sign concept. Because it is an event that is very much on our agenda. And in fact, these horoscope interpretations are made entirely according to the ascendant sign. Yes, calculating your ascendant sign is related to your birth location in the world. In other words, when you ask a man where you are from, for example, the man says, "I am from Kayseri." So, depending on the answer you get, a profile about him/her is created in your mind. He says he is from Konya , a profile is created about him, here is the subject of your birth in the world in space and time in astrological sense.

It shows the area in your life where you will fulfill your destiny. So you have a character, a combination of this character there.

The accident of fate is " ascendingant " . Its name is asc anyway . The rising sign shows the area where destiny is determined, that is, it is put into practice. Therefore, the characteristics of the ascendant sign show our more distinct characteristics. In the question about twins , there is something like this: If two people are born in the same position on the same date, why is this so? The person who did the research on these twins in the world is both an astrologer and a pediatrician. At the same time, he put serious thought into this matter and developed a method for calculating these twins. E. While a person's ascendant sign is rising on the date of his birth, the second-born person's ascendant sign is not a soldier but a descendant . We are getting data . So, we buy what goes down, not what goes up. Therefore, if the ascendant of one of these two people runs, the ascendant of the other becomes Libra. Therefore these.

In other words, while someone was living their life according to the zodiac sign of Libra, while someone else was living their destiny.

He lives his life according to the zodiac sign of Aries. Therefore, the fates of these two now differ at that point. While one of them may be a very hard-working child, another may be a stubbornly lazy child, or he may be very active but much more naive . Likewise, their preferences change over time and they get married or move to different locations in the world. The energies they receive change when they go to different locations. They live a different fate. For example, next to a person.

When another person comes within eight meters, he begins to be affected by that person's aura . For example, there is a very important famous writer related to this. I can't remember his name. He says he was writing a book right now. When a friend of mine came to me, he said that just as I was about to write the book, my mind was completely distracted. Then investigate the reason for this, why this is happening. Then he says he noticed that my friend's Neptune was hovering over my Mercury . Neptune there gives such energy that it completely paralyzes, disperses and evaporates. With Mercury , our mind and thoughts become completely confused about thoughts. In this way.

people interact.

It takes an important place in their lives. You know, they say that the average of the last five people you talked to for a year. Tell me about your friend and I will tell you who you are. These stem from this energetic structure. So it's not just an empty proverb . You are full of astrological energies. For example, we are preparing for something. Someone else's energy is good or bad, and as the year goes by, it seems to me to be getting better or worse. It's like I suddenly quit my job. It really is. We even affect our previous lives and interrupt them. In fact, let me tell you this, there is a type of relationship analysis in marriages that we call sinas . It is so important that you marry someone like that and suddenly you become rich, you marry someone like that and you become rich and suddenly you become poor. And the areas in which that person executes that chart, even the areas he employs, are very important. So yes.

It really is.

Thank you very much. We are slowly approaching the end of our togetherness . Yes this is e.

tarot once again, it has become very widespread nowadays, people are now following tarot experts on their phones and on the advice of each other. But you do not recommend it at all. Let's explain this to our listeners once again. We will also go to e-astrology or we are looking for a job, and in this sense, what should we pay attention to? Then we will end the program. Here you go please. Now it's tarot fortune telling. Astrology is not a fortune telling, it is a prediction system. Actually, no one is very clear on this subject.

He cannot claim that it will work 100%. Nobody in their right mind, but they usually do, because you know, when you see the weather is cloudy, you think it's going to rain. It rains, but sometimes it can rain. It may vary depending on the conditions, but it will generally rain. Tarot is a fortune telling. It is done with a combination of randomly opened cards. Let me share some information about tarot . Lodges and zawiyas are also against the law and it is a crime. You know, casting bullets etc., those kinds of things are actually prohibited.

Well, as I said, people can open something for nothing , that is, randomly, and with the advice that someone gives you from there, maybe it can be done for the sake of making a joke, making noise, or making a magazine. But other than that, I don't recommend it to be taken seriously.

I understand, thank you very much.

What should you pay attention to when looking for a reliable astrologer ?

What would you like to say?

Let me say this about this, as you just asked, look at the information about what to pay attention to when getting consultancy from an astrologist or astrologer. In other words, there will be information in the person's shares. This is a second one. So this person will have posts. In other words, you will look for information on YouTube , Instagram or wherever you are , not from people who hide or hide themselves under the stairs . This is a second, person's.

This is my personal recommendation when I recommend it. He must have experienced his own Saturn cycle once. In other words, he must be over the age of thirty-three to understand and understand what Saturn is. Thirdly, the person's education level is important.

It would be very different to get information from at least a university graduate. Because the last book that person reads will not be Cin Ali . Some Will be able to distinguish between fallacies and information. These should be taken into consideration. Get consultancy before getting training so that you don't waste your time.

Question: I'll ask you a quick question and I'll finish the program with you. The harbinger of spring is " hıdırellezi ". We passed, you know. If I ask which sign the moon is in, will you get angry at me or would you just say something small ? Let me tell our listeners, yes, it is about Hıdır Ellez. Ellez . Hızır İlyas is indeed coming and he is the harbinger of spring . I wrote a very extensive article about it. I have a reproach.

Astrom and review the details there.

It symbolizes the harbinger of spring and the beginning of something new. Various rituals are performed regarding this, you know, yes, in these rituals, pictures are made, rose oil is put on the skin, etc. Actually, there is very important information here. This is related to the "Hıdır elleze " issue. And here I recommend that, without naming anyone, make a picture of whatever is on your mind in general, hang it on your wall and hang it in a place where everyone can see it. Because this in your personal subconscious is the subject of the eight houses in astrology. The subconscious of the universe is the subject of the twelve houses. There is a connection between these eight houses and the twelve houses, and this is what the human being experiences in his subconscious.

It sends it to the unconscious, that is, to the universe, and if this line is Acess Peace . There are areas such as Tetaling . There is a question in Access Bas: How could it be better than this ? How could it be better than this ? Do n't always ask how it can be worse than this, ask how it can be better than this. Don't ask and answer yourself. Leave it to the universe. The universe will answer your question in that area. Likewise, you can program your subconscious with such pictures and ensure that these pictures come into contact with the universal subconscious. "Hıdır ellezde " is not just that, it is the harbinger of spring and it is used together with natural energies such as earth, water, fire, air, earth and water.

What happens with the energy provided by nature? It sends signals to the universe. Every curse is like that, for example, you are very angry, you are very angry. In fact, curse is a kind of prayer. You say a prayer there with the emergency code and it is very dangerous and that energy finds you first and tests you first. It makes you experience a part of your curse, as well as the thoughts that go through a person's mind.

prevails , which we call awareness, when that awareness increases, the person reaches a point where we call gratitude. At that moment of gratitude, you thank all the beauties that life offers you, and that gratitude energy opens the area you focus on.

Whatever you expand and focus on, those areas in your life will expand, so you need to look at what you are grateful for and what you are thankful for.

Generally like this.

You say this, okay, thank you very much, thank you. Mr. Arif Aydın II, I hope you will be our guest again in another program. Thank you endlessly, I thank you. It was a very nice conversation, I thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Thank you. Yes, dear listeners, our studio guest today was Astrologer and educator Mr. Arif Aydın. We had a conversation about astrology. Thank you once again, our dear volunteer friends. Thus, we have come to the end of yet another program. Today, as always, to your homes, workplaces, places where you are, but most importantly. Thank you so much for your heartfelt words, we hope to be together again in another program, and we leave your presence today with respect and love. Everything is as you wish. goodbye .

Gobekli tepe is zodiac

born chart analize
born chart analize


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