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Basic Astrology Training

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Basic Astrology course content Lesson 1 History Mysteries and Secrets: In this course, information is given about astrological history and mysteries. The origins of astrology, ancient wisdom and mystical teachings are discussed. Lesson 2: Symbols and Birth Chart: In this course, the symbols used in astrology and the basic elements of the natal chart are explained. Lesson 3: Our position in space and birth chart 3D: The importance of our position in space is emphasized and students are taught how to evaluate the natal chart in a three-dimensional perspective. 4. Character effects of the axes in the birth chart: The effects of the axes in the birth chart on the character are examined. Lesson 5 Elements and qualities in the birth chart: Information is given about (fire, air, water, earth) and qualities (cardinal, fixed, mutable). and its effects on personalities are explained. Lesson 6: Calculating elements in the birth chart Lesson 7 Houses in Astrology Parts of Your World 8. Rulerships and Age Periods in Astrology Lesson 9: Energies of zodiac signs and Aries Lesson 10 Taurus secrets Lesson 11: Gemini secrets Lesson 12 Cancer Mysteries Lesson 13: The unknowns of Leo Lesson 14 Virgo Secrets Lesson 15 Libra Secrets Lesson 16: Mysteries and secrets of Scorpio Lesson 17: The unknowns of Sagittarius Lesson 18: Capricorn mysteries Lesson 19 Aquarius secrets Lesson 20: the mysteries of Pisces Lesson 21: Are mythology, gods and energies a chapter? Lesson 22: How are retrogrades formed and constellations?

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