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Saturn and Its Effects in the Birth Chart

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In these videos, we will explore the effects of Saturn on our lives, its limits, discipline and instructive nature. A natal chart is a celestial map, called an astrological chart, and represents the positions and interactions of the planets in the sky at the time of the individual's birth. Saturn is an important planet in the natal chart and has profound effects on our lives. Saturn represents the energies of discipline, boundaries, responsibility and maturity. The houses and signs in the map show in which areas these themes are effective. When we are under the influence of Saturn, we may encounter issues in life that need to be approached seriously. We can face limits and challenges, and these experiences make us stronger. Saturn also represents values such as perfectionism, self-control, long-term planning and patience. The houses and signs in the chart show our ability to work in a disciplined manner to achieve our personal goals. When we are under the influence of Saturn, we are determined to improve ourselves, achieve our goals and fulfill our responsibilities. However, Saturn's influence can sometimes be challenging. We may face challenges to confront our own internal limitations and overcome our fears. These experiences provide us with important teachings on our journey of personal growth and maturity. More in education...

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