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Intermediate Astrology Training

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First of all, it is not recommended for those who have not received basic level education to receive intermediate level astrology education. Basic level astrology education covers the basic principles and concepts of astrology. Intermediate astrology education allows you to learn astrology in a more in-depth and comprehensive way. At this level, you examine the more complex influences of planets, special aspects, and astrological techniques in more detail. Complexity of the Birth Chart: In basic level education, the basic structure and components of the birth chart are learned. However, natal charts can be quite complex and contain many details. Intermediate astrology education provides the tools necessary to understand the more complex aspects of natal charts, the deeper meanings of houses, and the finer points of planets. Improving Your Interpretation Style in Intermediate Astrology: Intermediate astrology education gives you the ability to use astrology according to your own interpretation style. You can develop a more original and personal astrology approach by combining the astrology principles you learned in basic level training with your own experiences. Intermediate astrology education gives you the opportunity to practice more and use astrology in your own way. Intermediate education is an important step in understanding complex natal charts, applying more advanced astrology techniques, and developing your own interpretive style.

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Orta Düzey Astroloji Eğitimi, TRY 6,000.00


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